Star Trips

The concept of Star trips originated post Covid-19 lockdown when we were looking for new things to do on our regular Saturday morning paddles.    The idea involves identifying a suitable area with 5 points to make a star shape, then making the journey of 5 crossings using a GPS tracker.  This is ideally suited in a rounded bay or lake, but could also work between a coast and some offshore islands.

Plan for the first star trip in the Bay of Milos.  This was quite easy to create as the bay is near circular and it has only two “fixed” points, those on the headlands on either side of the bay.  The other 3 points could then be adjusted for balance.

GPS track of our first star trip in the Bay of Milos, completed with Panagiotis on May 30, 2020.  In almost calm conditions it was quite easy to paddle in straight lines and we were pretty pleased with the result.  Only the last side has bend in it, as the wind picked up and we took some drift.

Plan for future star trips around Milos.  They range in distance from 15 km to 25 km.  All star points have a fixed land reference, with the exception of the most northerly point of the Glaronisia star.