Paros and Antiparos Expedition

A 5 day expedition exploring the islands of Paros and Antiparos.

This is a challenging expedition for experienced paddlers. The central Aegean is well known for its strong and persistent summer winds and wild winter storms.  October and November are the calmest months and we can expect stormy weather about once per week interspersed with several days of calm and sunny weather.

The Price includes:

2021 Price : €490

  • Date: Oct 26 to Nov 1, 2021
  • Maximum 8 persons
  • For experienced sea kayakers
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Arrival and departure

  • You must arrive in Paros on (or before) October 26.
  • Depart from Naxos on (or after) November 1.
  • Paros and Naxos are well connected to Athens with daily flights and ferries.
  • Rod will arrive on Paros by ferry from Milos, with car and kayaks, on Oct 26 at 14.45.

Expedition Plan

The advertised dates allow 5 full days’ kayaking plus your arrival and departure days.

  • Oct 26: Your arrival on Paros, stay in a hotel in Parika town, shop for supplies at nearby supermarket, sort our kayaks and equipment.  Visit the Roman marble mines, if time allows.
  • Days 1 & 2: From Parika we will head south, crossing to Antiparos and circumnavigate
  • Days 3 & 4: Heading north we will spend 2 days exploring the bays and islands of northern Paros.
  • Day 5:  Cross to Naxos 10km, arrive in Naxos town, stay in a hotel.
  • Nov 1: Your departure from Naxos
Paros and Antiparos expedition - location Map


Laminated A4 maps at various scales will be provided.

Required Paddling Experience

This expedition is for experienced sea kayakers.  You should have enough stamina to paddle up to 30 km per day, which may take up to a total of 6 hours.  You should be comfortable with the idea of paddling in moderate wind and waves, as challenging conditions are likely on at least some of the days. You should have practised the T-rescue and know how to do an assisted deep water re-entry.

If you have limited paddling experience, consider our Around Milos Expedition.  Alternatively, our Explore Milos Package will provide excellent preparation for all our expeditions.


Camping will be wild on or near beaches.  Most are remote and there will be no facilities, not even water. All camping equipment, food and water must be carried in the kayak.  A strong lightweight tent is essential.


The expedition is self catered.  Usually we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and take turns to prepare a group evening meal.  Food for the first stage can be bought in local shops on your arrival day. You are welcome to bring food items from home.  There will be an opportunity to stock up every second or third day, therefore we can travel light and live well.  Occasional stops at restaurants and coffee shops are a possibility.

Stoves and fuel

Camping stoves will be provided – one per 4 persons.  The Trangia stove, includes pots, kettle and frying pan.  The stoves are powered by gas canisters with a screw-on fitting, readily available in local supermarkets.


Daily temperatures will be in the range of 13°C-20°C. Water temperature will be around 20°C and there will be 10 hours of daylight per day.   On average, rain falls on 8 days so we can expect some wet weather.  Source

What to wear

For paddling, shorts and a shirt will be sufficient on most days.  A cagoule (waterproof paddling jacket) and neoprene trousers or similar may be required if it’s windy or overcast.

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