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Is Milos Island Is A Good Choice For Sea Kayaking In Greece?

Do you ever wonder why people around the globe prefer to go to Greece for kayaking? It has ample islands. Greece has over 2000 islands. Out of which, 170 islands are inhabited. This beautiful country is bordered by the Aegean Sea to the east, the Mediterranean Sea to the south, and the Ionian Sea to the west. It has land borders only towards the north and northeast. The islands itself is a good reason to choose Greece for Kayaking.

Brief information about Milos

When we talk about Milos, we should not forget that the famous statue, the Venus of Milos, was discovered here. That is now in the Louvre of Paris. Furthermore, if you say about the beauty, Milos is one of the most attractive and mesmerizing greek islands known for sea kayaking. It can be a great destination for both enthusiastic and for people who want relaxation on holidays.

In Milos, there are several uncrowded beaches and amazing coastal cliffs with volcanic rocks on display. It’s exceptionally rich in mineral deposits and has breathtaking views which attract visitors.

With dry summers, wet winters, and relatively warm waters all year round, it offers great weather throughout the year.


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The Sea Conditions

As the Mediterranean is a closed sea so there is no ocean swell and negligible tide. In addition to the mild water temperatures, it offers better kayaking conditions than oceanic regions.

Wind plays a major role in sea conditions; it can blow up at any time and persist for at least two to five days. However, there’s little to no variation in the strength of wind throughout the day.

Which is the best time to visit Milos?

For paddling, March to November provides favorable weather conditions. Clear skies and calm sea with warm temperatures of water and air.

To embrace the natural beauty, April & May would be most suitable. This is the time when the countryside is green after the winter brings colorful wildflowers.

For paddling and swimming June, September, and October are the most ideal time with moderate air temperatures and warmer water temperatures. It’s one of the best greek islands for sea kayaking.

Where to book your stay?

If you have decided to spend your next holiday in  Milos and enjoy its ambiance with Sea Kayaking by observing the beautiful volcanic rocks, hot springs, and natural sauna cave. Explore Kleftico, Sarakiniko, and Papafragus. Experience greek islands sea kayaking through the Sea caves tunnels and arches, and book your stay at Petrinela’s Guesthouse. A well-located place with an air conditioner in each room, ceiling fan, and ensuite bathroom. With a balcony, kitchen spacious rooftops, and courtyards. You get everything at a reasonable cost along with the best kayaking services of Sea Kayak Milos. Owned and managed by Rod Feldtmann and Petrinela Vikeli. We ensure you will get the best treatment throughout your vacation with our expert guides for every expedition and trip with utmost safety. To learn more about us and book your trip, visit: Book – Sea Kayak Milos (


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