Getting to Milos

There are no direct international flights to Milos.  To get to Milos you have 3 options:
  1. Fly to Athens > fly to Milos
  2. Fly to Athens > ferry to Milos
  3. Fly to another island > ferry to Milos


Fly to Athens then fly to Milos

From Athens International airport, there are up to 4 return flights daily with Olympic Air, which is owned by Aegean Air. You can book on either website. There are also 2 flights per day with Sky Express. The flight takes 35 minutes.

There are no direct international flights to Milos.


Fly to Athens then take a bus to the port of Piraeus then a ferry to Milos

To get to the ferry port of Piraeus from the Airport take the direct bus (every 30 min, 24/7), takes 1-1.5 hours and costs €6. Alternatively, travel by the new Metro (costs €10), takes 85min. A taxi will cost around €55-70.

Milos can be reached from Piraeus by passenger ferry 1-2 times per day in winter, increasing to 6-8 per day in summer. Various ferries service the route. The journey takes 4-7 seven hours depending on the number of islands visited on the way. The cost is €38 for the slow ferry and about €75 for the newer, fast ferries. Ferry prices are standard, so it does not matter where or when you book.


Fly to Santorini, Mykonos or Crete then take a ferry to Milos

There is a daily ferry connection with SEAJETS from Milos-Santorini-Mykonos and return, increasing to 2 per day in the high season.

From Crete there are direct ferries from Heraklion 2-3 times per week.  Alternatively, there are daily ferries to Santorini, then a connecting ferry to Milos.

Where is Milos?

Milos is the most southwesterly of the Cyclades group of island in the Aegean Sea of Greece. It is 150 km to the port of Piraeus and 130 km to the Island of Crete.

Distances to nearby Islands:
  • 1 km to Kimolos
  • 10 km to Poliegos
  • 22 km to Sifnos
  • 26 km to Folegandros
  • 75 km to Santorini