Our Kayaking Equipment

We provide quality sea kayaks, paddles and accessories for all our day and multi day trips. All equipment is selected for its performance and safety features and maintained to the highest standard. 

Our specially designed sea kayak trailer holds up to 12 kayaks, with storage boxes for paddles and accessories.

Double kayaks
Single Kayaks
Different Makes
Different Models

Single kayaks

All our kayaks are directionally stable, closed cockpit (“sit in”) kayaks, designed for oceanic conditions. They have sealed bulkheads, waterproof hatch covers and adjustable footrests.  Most have retractable skegs, some are fitted with rudders.

Our current fleet comprises 55 singles kayaks made up of 20 unique models

Double Kayaks (Tandems)

We have a fleet of 12 Atlantis, by Rainbow of Italy.  Doubles are popular with those who prefer companionship and teamwork, rather than the solitude and independence of a single. They are also useful for matching up paddlers of different strengths and are a great advantage on windy days as they offer increased stability and efficiency.  Most are fitted with a foot rudder, controlled by the rear seated paddler.  

Lightweight paddles

Essential for your paddling enjoyment

We use exclusively Werner glass fibre and carbon fibre paddles. Strong, lightweight, balanced, stylish, durable and efficient. They deliver everything we look for in a paddle and more. Little Dipper, Shuna and Corryvreckan blade types with variable feather from 90 degrees left to 90 degrees right and 210-220 cm in length. We also have an assortment of Greenland style paddles for those who prefer or would like to try this style of paddling.

Buoyancy aids and spraydecks

Buoyancy aids*

A good BA* is non-restrictive, easy to wear and adjust, does not ride up when swimming and has a useful front pocket for camera, sun cream, etc. We use BA’s by Peak UK, Palm, and Kokotat.

* NB: A Buoyancy Aid (BA) is a British term, also referred to as a Personal Flotation Device (PFD).

Neoprene spray decks

We use neoprene spraydecks by Playboater and Palm.  Available in all sizes from XS to XXL

PVC spray decks

Easier to put on and take off and cooler in summer, our custom designed PVC decks are a popular alternative to neoprene.

We look forward to welcoming you to Milos; the island of colours, a geological wonderland and a sea kayaking paradise.