Around Milos Expedition

Experience the unique diversity of the Milos coastline during a 5 day circumnavigation, wild camping on pristine deserted beaches.  Your guides will reveal the secrets of the Milos coast with its breathtaking cliffs and mysterious sea caves, as well as providing historical background to the island’s rich heritage.  Every day is a new adventure.

The Price includes:

2024 price is € 670 per person

*add €60 for single room B&B

Expedition Plan

We aim to circumnavigate Milos island in 5 days, a distance of approximately 90 km averaging 18 km per day. This equates to about 3-4 hours’ paddling per day, leaving plenty of time for setting up camp, hiking and exploring on land, skills practice, swimming or snorkelling and relaxing. The start location and direction of travel will depend on the latest weather forecast and will be decided on the morning of day one.

Arrival and departure dates

The advertised dates include your arrival and departure dates from Milos. B&B for your arrival and last night at Petrinela’s Guesthouse, is included in the cost. 


A Laminated A4 map will be provided.  A PDF file of the map can be downloaded here.

Required Paddling Experience

Some sea kayaking experience is required. You should have enough stamina to average 18 km per day for 5 days and be able to paddle up to 25 km, if required. You should be comfortable with the idea of paddling in moderate wind and waves as challenging conditions are likely on at least some of the days. You should have practised an assisted rescue and know how to do an assisted deep water re-entry.

If you have limited paddling experience, our Explore Milos Package will provide excellent preparation for this expedition.


Camping will be wild on remote beaches.   There are no facilities and no water supply. All camping equipment, food and water must be carried in the kayak.  A strong lightweight tent is essential.  A comfortable inflating mattress, inflatable pillow and 3 season sleeping bag are recommended.


The expedition is self catered – you must buy and prepare your own food for the duration of the trip.  Local supermarkets are open daily from 8 am to 9 pm (except Sundays) and have a good selection of packaged and fresh produce.  

Advice will be given as to what to buy at the meeting on arrival day.  It is recommended that each participant look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal, in turn.  There will be an opportunity to stock up every second or third day, allowing us to travel light and live well.  Occasional stops at restaurants and coffee-shops are a possibility.

Stoves and fuel

Camping stoves will be provided for the group – one per 3-4 persons. The Trangia stove includes 2 x 2lt pots, a kettle and a frying pan. The stoves are powered by gas canisters with a screw-on fitting, readily available in local supermarkets.  You are welcome to bring your own stove, if you prefer.


What to wear

For paddling, shorts and a shirt will be sufficient on most days. A cagoule (waterproof paddling jacket) and neoprene trousers or similar will be required if it’s windy or overcast.

See a complete Packing list >

Milos based expeditions

NB: Price includes 2 nights B&B on arrival and last days.
Arrival and departure datesClick for detailsPricePlaces remaining
May 4-10, 2024Around Milos (5 days)€6705/8
Oct 19-25, 2024Around Milos (5 days)€670Fully booked
Oct 26 - Nov 3, 2024Three Islands (7 days)€790Fully booked
April 12-18, 2025Kimolos and Poliegos (5 days)€70010/10
May 3-9, 2025Around Milos (5 days)€70010/10
May 10-16, 2025Kimolos and Poliegos (5 days)€70010/10
Oct 19-25, 2025Around Milos (5 days)€70010/10
Oct 25-Nov 2, 2025Three Islands (7 days)€85010/10

Milos Weather table

Average monthly weather statistics for Milos in degrees Celsius.  Conversion to Fahrenheit.

Maximum Temperature (°C)141415192327292926221915
Minimum Temperature (°C)9910121620222220171310
Sea temp at 2pm (°C)151516171922252623201816
No. of Rainy days11106311001469
Hrs of Sunshine45691113141310753
Ideal Swimming Temp
Perfect paddling conditions