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Milos Island, GREECE

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 Our Kayaking Equipment

We provide quality sea kayaks, paddles and accessories for all our day and multi day trips. All equipment is selected for its performance and safety features and maintained to the highest standard. 

All our kayaks are directionally stable, closed cock-pit ("sit in") kayaks, designed for oceanic conditions.   They have sealed bulkheads, waterproof hatch covers and adjustable footrests.  Some are fitted with rudders, for those who prefer to use them.

Our current fleet comprises 24 singles and 8 doubles.

Our specially designed sea kayak trailer holds up to 12 kayaks,
with storage boxes for paddles and accessories. 

Single Kayaks:


The bulk of the fleet are Lasers, by the Rainbow Company, Italy. We currently have 18 lasers, 6 are fitted with rudders. We have found the laser to provide the best comfort and overall performance for most paddlers; The laser is 512cm long by 57cm wide and weighs 28kg.

We also have a variety of other single kayaks (one or 2 of each; click on photo to enlarge):

Etain by Valley (UK)
536cm x 55cm

Scorpio LV by P&H (UK)
509cm x 54 cm

Tempest 170 & 165 by Wilderness System (USA)
"170" = 518cm x 56cm, "165" = 503m x 55cm

Atlantic and Atlantic LV by Northshore (UK)
515cm x 55c, LV = 485cm x 55cm

Eliza by Necky (Canada)
470cm x 55cm

Reval Midi and Mini by Tahe Marine (Estonia)
Midi = 518cm x 54cm, Mini = 490cm x 54cm

Essence 16 by Perception (UK)
500cm x 57cm

Chatham 17 by Necky (Canada)
520cm x 53 cm

Quest by P&H (fibreglass construction, UK)
536cm x 56cm

Doubles ( Tandems)

Doubles are popular with those who prefer companionship and teamwork, rather than the solitude and independence of a single.  They are also useful for matching up paddlers of different strengths and are a great advantage on windy days, as they offer increased stability and efficiency.  We use exclusively the Rainbow Atlantis.  Most are fitted with foot rudders which are controlled by the rear seated paddler.

Rainbow Atlantis (Italy)
545cm x 64cm

Rainbow Atlantis in action

Paddles, Buoyancy aids and Spraydecks
Paddles: Werner Glass paddles - Shuna and Corryvreckan blades, variable feather from 90 degrees left to 90 degrees right, 210-220 cm in length.  We also have a range of Greenland paddles, see photos here Buoyancy aids (PFD's): are the Sea Vest by Peak UK.  Completely unrestrictive, easy to wear and adjust,  does not ride up when swimming; useful front pocket for camera, sun cream, etc. Spray-decks:  We use high quality PVC/cordura spray-decks by Shockwave; easy to put on and remove; adjustable ensuring perfect fit; not as hot in summer as neoprene.  We also have neoprene decks available in all sizes.

Kostas and Jeanine in a Rainbow Atlantis, with Werner paddles, Peak UK Buouancy aids and Shockwave spray decks.

Sea Kayak Milos is owned and operated by Rod Feldtmann and Petrinela Vikeli, of Triovasalos, Milos Greece.       home | about Milos | about us | contact us