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 Trip reports

Milos day-trips reports

Magical, surreal, astounding, supernatural, by Steve Berner (USA), 2014.  "Each day seemed to be more beautiful than the day before....." published in Blazing paddles, newsletter of the Long Island Paddlers.

Summer of Dreams by Kirra Cheers (Australia), 2013.  "The six days that followed can only be described as the summer of my dreams. When I look back at the photos, it all seems so surreal. Was the water really that blue?...."

The Assistants Life by Paul Griffiths (UK), 2013. "
I had delayed a little before writing about a typical day until I had accumulated enough days, and now I can tell you that there is no such thing".

Sea Kayaking In The Cyclades by Tom Holtey (USA), 2012. "I had one of the best times kayaking I have ever had, and I have been kayaking in a lot of amazing circumstances over the decades".

More awesome than it sounds, by Riccardo Webb (South Africa), 2012.  "The reason for my trip was one of peace and reflection, so naturally I decided to go sea kayaking for two days never having used the particular muscles...'

End of October by Jenny Wilkes (UK), 2013: "A a friend of mine phoned and said why didn’t I go with her on a trip to Greece in the autumn"

Returning to Milos, by David Dempsey (USA), 2010.  "My first two trips to Milos were in less challenging weather conditions, but when I boarded the plane to leave the island this time, I did so much stronger and more skilled than when I had arrived".

Epiphany of a Stormy Day at Sea, by Carol D'Aleo (USA), 2009; "But suddenly my world changes.  Rounding the next rugged headland,  I find myself thrust into the jaws of a ferocious wind. My senses sharpen...."

The last week of October, a poem, by Steve Taverner (UK), 2008, "...to the island where they found Venus de Milos, we paddled with a German who forgot to bring a lilo, an Irishman who drank so much he laughed at all my jokes, a couple who liked rubber, and two young adventurous folks...."

Grecian Paradise, by Rhoda Daniels (UK), 2008; published in Canoe Focus (UK), Oct 08  "Just what we were looking for: sunshine in bucket loads, warm blue seas, beautiful scenery, comfortable accommodation.....". see also original text

More Paddling in Greece, by Judy Blight (Australia), 2008 a trip report for the Sea Kayak club of WA; "Suddenly, the sea arches come into view and you realize this is some place special...."

Kayaking the island of Aphrodite, by David Dempsey (USA), 2008; published in the Benton County Daily Record , Arkansas, USA. "The goal is a twenty-foot-tall rock stack called The Bears located a few hundred yards around the point..."

Martlet Kayak Club trip, by Chris Childs (UK), 2007. "The coastal scenery was spectacular and it varied enormously over short distances". Chris was with a group of 8 paddlers from the Martlet Canoe club, Brighton, England who visited in October 2007.

Kristian Skjodt (DK), 2006.  "There were ten of us: my parents, my sister and her boyfriend, my uncle and aunt, their three children and myself".

Kayak Holiday, Milos, by Jane Oxley (UK), 2006. "I’d definitely recommend it for anyone wanting to build up their confidence .... and learning to roll in the Med definitely beats the Thames! Marlow Canoe Club Newsletter Spring 2007 go to page 8.

Sea Kayaking around Milos, by Paul Griffiths (UK), 2006. "Some katabatic downdraught made for entertaining sections and good lunch on the a rock ledge with jumping, swimming and snorkeling".  See also:  Griffiths '04 | Griffiths '08 |

Paddling Magic in Greece, by Larry Rice (US), 2005; published in Canoe and Kayak (US), Jan 2006. "The ancient landscape of Milos, its brilliant colours,  welcoming people and ever-present blue Aegean Sea have worked their magic on us all".

Chris Stephens (UK), 2004: "Joanna was relieved to find that it was not necessary to eat seagulls, operate Trangia stoves, understand the rule of twelfths or indulge in any other kind of beardedness. We simply enjoyed the fantastic coastal trips".

ISIS canoe club, Oxford, England, 2003.  "The island is just perfect for sea kayaking ...The Kayaks we paddled were of good quality, as was the rest of the equipment, and it was interesting to try a variety of boats".

Milos: The island of Colors, by Karen Davis (UK), 2002; published in Canoe Focus (UK), 12/02.  "A fantastic week of exploration and adventure with plenty more scope for further paddles"  see also PDF file, cover photo

Milos expedition reports

Going Greek, by Judy Armstrong (UK), 2013. "As we paddle slowly back to Adamas and line up for the last beach landing, it’s hard to take it all in: the colors, the light, the adventure and the company have made this an extraordinary kayaking experience".

Round Milos trip, anticlockwise, by Dan Heywood (UK), 2012.  'It was a great trip, with great people, around a great island and I’m sure I’m not the only one who didn’t want it to stop'.

Into the Blue, by Jan Rumsey (UK) 2012. "Listen, I really was there for the paddling, but let me just start with the food...."

Circumnavigation of Milos, by Inge Pouwels (NL), 2006; Records the September 2006 expedition by the Kanovereniging Keistad (Keistad canoe club),  of the Netherlands

Beyond Milos expedition reports

Paddling and Hiking the Aeolian Islands, by Kathy Mallory (US), 2017.  "depending on ferry schedules and numerous weather reports, we made it up as we went along". 

Adventure of a lifetime, by Tim Davis (Crete), 2009.  "After many months of anxiously awaiting and planning, November finally did roll around. Rod showed up in Chania the day before our trip in his Peugeot with 6 Rainbow kayaks on top...."

One hundred-thousand paddle strokes, by Josien Woolmer (UK), 2007. "Where have you come from?, Kos! And where are you going to? Rhodes! You CRAZY PEOPLE".

Aegean Odyssey, by Nick Cuncliffe (UK), 2005, published in Ocean Paddler (UK) 10/07.  "With no land to leeward, we could ill afford any deterioration in the conditions. I longed for the next two hours to pass uneventfully"

The Rainbow Warriors, by Peter Roscoe (UK), 2005.  Crossing the Aegean sea by sea kayak in November 2005, a journey of almost 500 km's, some twenty islands and a host of memories".

An awesome adventure, by Josien Woolmer (UK), 2005. Josein's memoirs of the April 2005 Santorini expedition. see photos

Western Cyclades Expedition by Tom Smith (UK), 2004.   Toms account of the attempted expedition from Milos to Athens; being storm bound on Serifos; returning to Kimolos by ferry; the circumnavigation Poliegos; and when the sea turned red......."

Cyclades by kayak, by Geoff Gilbert (US), 2003.  Geoff's account of the October 2003 Milos to Santorini expedition. “Scientists have observed lesbian octopus at the bottom of the sea-floor.”  The other three of us gave quizzical looks at each other, simultaneously wondering how the conversation had arrived here".

Cyclades Chronicle, by Peter Roscoe (UK), 2003, published in The Canoeist (UK), 10/04.  Peters journal of the October 2003 Milos Santorini expedition and his subsequent solo return to Milos; "there's no better way to see the Cyclades than by sea-kayak".


Trips reports in other languages

Trip report in French

Trésors Grandioses par Jérôme Brun, 2014.  "Autant le dire tout de suite, la clé de la découverte des merveilles de l’île à la Venus, tient dans l’alchimie entre le guide et les conditions météo ; et de ce point de vue nous avons été particulièrement gâtés"

Trip reports in Dutch

Kajakvrienden vertelden ons enthousiast over Milos, Anneke & Wim Brussel. We besloten dan ook dit eiland eens te gaan bekajakken. En sneller dan gedacht werd dit idee ten uitvoer gebracht in mei 2009.

Dodecaneese expedtion , by Inge Pouwels, 2007. Inge's story of the October-November 2007 expedition from Kos to Rhodes.

Circumnavigation of Milos, by Inge Pouwels (NL), 2006; Records the September 2006 expedition by the Kanovereniging Keistad (Keistad canoe club),  of the Netherlands

Zeekayakken rond MILOS, by Git van den Beld, 2005.  .  Ed and Git visited Milos in June 2005 for a series of day-trips.  Their article was published in the 08/05 edition of Kanotities.

Trip report in Swedish

Milos vit sand & vita klippor, Kerstin Uisk, 2006.  "Den mest spännande delen av Milos kust innehåller en hel mängd valvbågar, sma bukter med höga tvärbranta väggar och flera grottor". read article.

   Trip reports in German

Auspannen von der Arbeit - Arbeiten in Griechenland von von Volker Wolf, 2014


Der TuS Mantinghausen auf der griechischen Insel Milos (September 2011) von Roy McIntosh, 2011.

Seekajaken lernen mal (wo)anders ...von Volker Wolf, 2010

Mit dem kajak um die Insel de Venus von Sven Stein, 2004, published in KanoSport (Germany), 09/ 03.  A colorful recollection of their holiday. Sven and his wife Miriam visited Milos in May 2004.  See also newspaper article: 20 cent

   Trip report in Danish

I havkajak på Milos 2003, Jorgen Skovmand



List of Milos Day-trip reports

List of Milos expedition reports
List of Beyond Milos expedition reports

Trip reports written in other languages

   Jérôme Brun, 2014
Volker Wolf, 2014
   Roy McIntosh, 2011
   Volker Wolf, 2010
 Wim Brussel, 2009
   Inge Pouwels, 2007
Inge Pouwels, 2006
   Kerstin Uisk, 2005
   Git van den Beld, 2005
   Sven Stein, 2004
   Jorgan Skovmand, 2003


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