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Expedition Information:
Karpathos and Kasos, 18-26 November 2019

The price is 750 euro per person.  The price includes:

  • 7 full days kayaking, fully guided by Rod Feldtmann
  • All sea kayaking equipment: your choice of kayak, Werner or GL paddle, spray-deck, BA.
  • Safety and rescue equipment for the group - spare paddles, tow lines, radios, flares, etc
  • Logistics
  • Group cooking equipment

The price does not include:

  • Camping equipment, food and food preparation
  • Flights to/from Karpathos
  • Hotel in Karpathos on first and last night


Karpathos is is the second largest of the Greek Dodecanese islands, lying in the southeastern Aegean Sea, between Rhodes and Crete. Because of its remote location and small population, Karpathos has preserved many peculiarities of dress, customs and dialect. There are 10 villages, many located in spectacular mountain settings.

The island is a rocky spine 46 km in length with the highest peak at 1215 m in the centre of the island.  The southern part of the island has several broad sandy beaches and is where most of the tourism is concentrated. The northern half is a narrow peninsula mostly inaccessible by road.

Aim of the expedition

In 7 days we aim to circumnavigate the main island and and if conditions allow, Kasos and Sarina.  The total distance is just over 200km.  On the way we will explore remote villages and numerous historical sites that dot the coastline.

Expedition plan

The advertised dates allow 7 full days kayaking plus your arrival and departure days.  Rod will arrive with car, trailer and kayaks by ferry from Milos on Nov 18.

  • Nov 18:  Arrive in Karpathos, stay at a hotel, shop for supplies at nearby supermarket.

  • Nov 19.  Based on the latest forecast we will choose a starting location and direction of travel to give us the best paddling conditions for the week ahead.

  • Nov 19-25:  7 day sea kayaking around Karpathos, Kasos and Sarina, 6 nights wild camping (see map).

  • Nov 25: Last day paddling, stay in hotel

  • Nov 26: Depart.

Arrival and departure

You can fly direct to Karpathos form Athens with Olympic Air or Sky Express.

  • You must arrive in Karpathos on (or before) November 18

  • Depart from Karpathos on (or after) November 26.


Temperature will be in the range 15-20 degrees.  Water will be around 16 degrees.  In November we can expect stormy weather about once per week interspersed with several days of calm and sunny weather .

Required Paddling Experience

This expedition is for strong and competent paddlers who would like to enjoy the experience of an extended sea trip, including an open crossings of 6km.  Experience of specialist sea kayaks is essential.  To join us you should be:

  • Fit enough to paddle up to 30km per day

  • Have some experience of rough water

  • Able to control the boat down wind and across the wind

  • Able to paddle into strong wind

  • Have experience and equipment for camping in the wind and rain.


Camping will be wild, on or near beaches.  Some are remote and there will be no facilities.  Some are near to the towns, allowing us to go shopping or for a restaurant meal.  A strong, lightweight, waterproof tent is essential. 


The expedition is self catering:-   Usually, we each look after our own breakfast, lunch and snacks and prepare a group evening meal, in turn.  There are supermarkets on all the islands, near the ferry ports so we will shop as we go to keep the boats light.  An occasional restaurant meal is also an option. You are welcome to bring food items from home if you wish.

Stoves and fuel

I will provide Trangia camping stoves for the group - one per 4 persons.  The stove includes 2x2l pots, a kettle and a 22cm frying pan.  I will also provide gas.

What to wear

For paddling,  A cagoule (waterproof paddling jacket) and neoprene trousers or similar will be required on windy or rainy days. Shorts and a shirt will be sufficient on some days.

See a complete packing list


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