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Sea Kayaking Day-trips, Expeditions & Coaching
Milos Island, GREECE

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The combination of a relaxed day-trip program and experienced coaches, makes an ideal situation for improving your kayaking skills.

Day-trips are suitable for all experience levels.  Each day involves about 3 hours paddling with about 3 hours of breaks so there is plenty of time for skills practice for those that want to develop their paddling abilities.  The less enthusiastic can sit on the beach or swim during the breaks while the keen ones play around in boats. 

I recommend my Explore Milos package - 8 nights B&B and six days paddling.  However, you are welcome to stay and paddle for as many days as you want, and pay for the days you paddle.  See the prices page. Instruction is included in the price.

Day-trips are suitable for:

  • For first time paddlers and those new to the sport - the warm waters of Milos is an ideal place to try kayaking.

  • For those with some kayaking experience who want to develop their skills - there is no better way than to be out there paddling!

  • For those interested in learning or improving their roll - there is time for intensive 1:1 sessions, during the breaks.

  • For those interested in BCU 3 star sea assessment - I can register a course for the dates you will be here and provide a continuous assessment over the week.

Sea Kayak Milos is owned and operated by Rod Feldtmann and Petrinela Vikeli, of Triovasalos, Milos Greece.       home | about Milos | about us | contact us